Thursday, January 2, 2014

Amazing Birds

Photo Credit Flickr under creative commons license.

"BIRDS" in their existing tiny structure with that favor and blessing they have already displayed toward one who never can stop to praise and to investigate with enthusiasm and the most ardent love the amazing creations of an Almighty God
Nature has numerous puzzles for man to find out yet, however, the number from this application he has been allowed by patient research and investigation to discover the beauty. It is by such that his oddity and interest are inspired.

He is tempted on in a pursuance of knowledge as many would be motivated if they saw one of these colorful feathered birds waving before them now posing to dart the Birds Beaks into the trumpet fashioned blossoms of the flowers now shooting off like an arrow to some other place.

Having defined the light and airy structure of birds designed to pass more or less of their living in the air. They have shown how excellently in every minute our creator has provided them for such a personality we are naturally motivated to follow them in their fleeing.

How they are still further prepared to turn their airiness of the form to the biggest benefit. In continuing this analysis the more shall we be compelled to notice that wondrous are the products of God and that, in enlightenment, he hath given them all giving unto the Stork in heaven to know her furnished time and the Turtle and the Crane and the Swallow to witness the seasons for their coming.

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