Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tamil Nadu Village Life

 Street Drama of Tamil Nadu: Photo Credit: Flickr under creative commons license.

Tamil Nadu is one of the prominent states of India. It's classical culture and success-fulness has left behind innumerable tasteful and marvelous temple structures, dispersed around all over the region. Here, the pilgrimage had flourished around these traditional, in addition to religious shrines.

Even today a substantial part of national tourists are pilgrims. The land is one of the renowned tourist magnetism in India, which has majestic Dravidian Temple architectures, excellent seasides, peaceful hill resorts and unblemished woodlands and wildlife.

There is a skyward leaning in both international and domestic tourist visitors, in Tamil Nadu. There are particular tourism zones are being promoted keeping the international visitors, their demands, and specifications in mind.

Tarangambadi, Kanchipuram and East Coast, including Muttukadu to Mahabalipuram have been listed as special tourism zones. Are you fascinated in visiting Tamil Nadu?

Before your visit, just visit this site for more interesting acquired facts about Tamil way of life, about village life and their culture with Photos: Village Life In Tamil Nadu - Photo Collection.

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