Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pongal Festival

Jallikattu: photo credit: Wikimedia Commons 

Pongal Festival of the Tamils all over the world is a ceremony celebration of a week long continuance. On the day on which the planet sun pierces the house of Capricorn, which is the commencement of the promising season to the Tamils. They specially cook rice with milk and jaggery, and when they see it bubble up, they shout aloud "Pongalo Pongal" which signifies let the world be flourishing and rejoice.

It has already been known that the Romans commemorated the starting of the year with the sun's entry into Capricorn and that they formerly observed the renewal of nature. Their style of rejoicing the celebration resembles to have had multiple things in general with the practices of the Tamils especially in the exchange of sweets.

These things they sent at this period to their compatriots and relatives they were intended to bestow to Janus to be prophetic of a pleasant year to follow. Whatever may be conceived of this eventuality there can hardly be a suspicion that we have some similarity of origin between the festivals of Tamils and Romans.

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