Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reasons Why Good Teamwork Can Reduce Stress Levels

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Understand Stress

Everyone experience stress in almost everyday activity. Without stress, individual wouldn't move, think, or get out of bed. Every individual needs stress; it provides strength and improves productivity. But, too much of stress can be debilitation. To control personal stress and support employees deal with stress, managers must be aware of on the job stress factors, know how they and their employees respond to the stress factors, and learn how to handle stress reduction techniques to reduce the stress.

Each person responds to stressful situations differently, therefore; it is necessary to understand how each of us deals with stress we experience. Some people present physical response they perspire, feel jittery, their muscles tense. Other people react to stress psychologically; they are preoccupied with worrisome thoughts or made pictures of impending doom. Still other individuals exhibit both physiological and emotional reactions to stress.

A person's response to stress on the job can be influenced by any or all of the following factors: 1. General health 2. Nutritional habits 3. Amount of regular physical exercises. 4 Disposition and personality. 5. The amount of stress in his/her personal life. 6. Tolerance to physical and psychological stress factors. Demonstrating and encouraging a proactive approach by managers to stress management, they can serve as a role model for staff in learning how to take better care of their physical and mental well being.

How Teamwork Reduce Stress:

There is a criterion for teamwork, often with serious timing limitations. Good communication among team members is essential. There can be tops of high stress, which are likely to overlap with points when timing is especially useful. There are many planned and unplanned lessons in conflict and stress management because teachable moments happen naturally in these hands on the context in which teamwork is essential. Workload can be a lot with work and personal life. Teams are essential to balancing work and school. Finding a sizable group or being placed in a talented group is extremely beneficial. A sizable group can reduce the pain quite drastically.

Sharing program information could make to a more reliable and effective strategy for workers in a similar situation and would eschew many stress situation caused by working condition feeling their way toward solutions of common problems. There must be a normal method of evaluating these efforts or a detailed mechanism for sharing information on their outcome. The work force stressed the need for a method to verify successes, share information, and help interested departments confirm appropriate programs in similar workforce that could be adapted or adopted.

The group also recommended that a peer support module be organized together that would make people from similar jurisdictions with similar problems to share program information and develop solutions. This would increase the information exchange system. Using the peer model, individuals who have initiated successful programs addressing specific problems might coach or communicate with their counterparts in workers facing similar problems and help build on every unit strengths and reduce the stress that occur as each area feels its way along.

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