Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is supernatural life?

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney @flickr under CC license.

Always keep an obstinate self image, do not give way to any distress, fright, anger, grief or evil, it is beneficial not to give consideration at all to these things, it is okay to see the action and terror movies or listen to heavy metal but do so believing, communicating, feeling and doing on the up and up.

There is a hidden supernatural life force that rules the world. This force is all over the cosmos. All human beings are a part of this force. All life in the world is a part of this force. You may ask what the supernatural life force has to do with positive discharge and the law of attraction.

Let us just assume that this force is the key tool that God almighty, the cosmos and heaven need to bring you blessings and supernatural occurrence. Every thing in the supernatural force is related, but in any matter whatever you put maximum focus on for a long time you will get in plenty.

For too long priests and parents have put too much focus on evil and sin, so much as a matter of fact that they wonder why people around them including their children are falling into total darkness. We need to get another focus on life; we need to quit focusing on what we dislike and focus on what and whom we love.

However, we must focus and think what and whom we love. The chief problem that the world has today is that maximum people focus on what they hate rather of what they want and love.

Now you can create simple like, for example, music you love, movies you love, cars you love, books you love etcetera. From there, you can change into bigger aims, like choosing whom you are going to be married to, what kind of thing you want to promote in your business or be in, how you would like to go about being an influence to people. The possibilities are endless.

The law of attraction has no end to what it could offer you. Just think extremely, precisely about what you would like to draw and be extremely careful about what you wish for. Wishes are moving especially when longed for long periods of time. It just depends on how seriously you would like to have that desire. And to consider of strength of concentration you have on that desire you will get that exact measure to you.

You control the tempo in which your blessings or curses will come to you, it mostly depends on your subconscious mind. Now it is a valuable thing that your thoughts and emotions are regulated and preserved otherwise you would destroy yourself. ~ sukkran

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