Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Does it Mean to be God Fearing?

Photo Credit: FreeBirD @ flickr under CC license.

God fearing is a form of mind; without that you will not gain knowledge. This true insight, which lies in recognizing God, and accepting his laws, is within the reach of the humblest being here. In fact, cleverness without devoutness will not make it you, but devoutness without cleverness may.

We are not scholars and philosophers. Are we close out from this heavenly wisdom? Remember one thing; God is not a respecter of persons. We are leading our life by fearing God, without understanding it. Nine out of ten mistakes we do in life come from forgetting the fear of God and the rule of God.

Where the devotion to God is the true God fearing there it is also a strong believing in God. Have faith in God is the other side of this fearing. Man fearing is missing of confidence God fearing is also God trusting. In relation to all that is evil.

God fearing love is full of confidence in the outcomes of its moral striving because it fears God it has no reason to fear any power that is unfriendly to God. Certain of its success and evident that it works in God and for God and, therefore, that fulfill the spiritual and enduring doing it becomes an obsession.

It is the highest and truest moral purpose and the only sufficient power where there is involved a standing potential for common interests that transcend all worldly personal interests. Where the material happiness of the person must be sacrificed to a moral principle, which, however, is possible only where sin is ruling.

Make up your mind to do what you are told is right, whether you understand the purpose of it or not. If you do not always know the reason at first, you will see it in due time, and get. In due time, you will see from experience that you are in the correct way of life.

This is the greatest secret of life, to believe that God educating and training your from your birth to your death; and then to gratify him and do as you are told by him in all things, raising up daily your hands and thankful heart, entreating him to cleanse the eyes of your soul, and give you that right wisdom.

If you do that, you may think that God will teach you more and how to do, in all the activities of life, that which is right in his sight, and, therefore, beneficial for you.

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