Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Health Benefit of Turmeric

In India, there are no written instructions about turmeric. But, the turmeric is simply a part of everyday existence. You can find it everywhere, from round dot on women's foreheads (Bindi), to the shelves and spice bowls in a typical Indian house.

Turmeric has up to now presented no indications of uncomfortable side effects, the larger issue may be its poor bio-availability, which is, how well the curcumin is taken in through a person's stomach lining and into the bloodstream, It can't do much of anything really harmful if you don't absorb it..

Back in India, Turmeric is the most commonly  used  spices from ancient time. It heals wounds and reduces scarring. It can be mixed with milk or clarified butter and applied to pimples as a spot treatment.

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