Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gods and Goddesses of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has developed and maintained a wonderful regional tradition of mythology, Gods and Goddesses by which elements exist within a border. Large number of currents flow together to conceive the Tamil Mythological tradition about Gods and Goddess; each community, like each shrine, consists possessing own God or Goddess and myths told within its own style or styles, always carrying the impress of many given context.
The main centers of the mythology will be many temples which dot the Tamil landscape and which range from celebrated Hindu Shrines with the simple distinguished markers of many village Gods and Goddesses; no location in Tamil Nadu is entirely bereft of divinity, and no divinity is without a story or conceivably a song. To know more about features linked with the collective spectrum of Tamil Gods and Goddesses and related myths, Visit: Gods andGoddesses of Tamil Nadu

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