Thursday, July 7, 2011

Easy Recipes of Tamil Nadu

The key ingredients in Tamil cuisine are red chillies, turmeric, tamarind, fresh coconut and a whiff of asafoetida. Coconut or gingelly oil is by and large used as a medium of cooking, Light meals also called Tiffins is very prevalent and a part of the Tamil nadu Cuisine which is conventionally served for breakfast or as an evening snack. Tiffins are served steaming hot like Idli, Dosas. Upma. Vada, Uttappam and Pongal accompanied with Sambar, Coconut chutney and Milagai podi (Chilli Powder). These are mouth watering dishes and light to eat. The tiffin is go along with a steaming hot filter Coffee, which is an authentic signature beverage of the Tamil Cuisine.

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