Saturday, July 11, 2009

About Homeopathy Treatment

We often hear of the phrase 'Practice of Medicine' and also the words 'medicine' 'remedy' 'drug' 'treatment' etc. It is significant to have an apparent conception of the terms. A drug is an original, simplex substance, organic or inorganic, which when used on our system, in health, can create illness; and, when used properly in illness, can restore us to health. Opium, Arsenic, Mercury, etc., may be mentioned as examples. A medicine generally refers to a substance taken internally when we are ill and may be a simple original substance or a combination of one or more of them. A remedy is anything that can neutralize or remove any defect in our health, and it includes spells, charms, fetish, etc.Practice of Homeopathy Medicine is that branch of the healing art, which obtains to cure diseases by other means than surgical.

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